Dolphin Trio: downloadable printable 2-page PDF for coloring

Dolphin Trio: downloadable printable 2-page PDF for coloring

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An instantly downloadable, printable illustration for your coloring enjoyment!

  • Original, unique b&w line art by artist Susan Carlson
    (aka Ruby Charm Colors)
  • Instant download to your device upon purchase
  • 300 dpi vector art = crisp, clean lines
  • 8.5 x 11 format but can be printed larger or smaller
    (depending on your printer capabilities)
  • Can be printed on plain paper, card stock, scrapbook and
    some watercolor paper
    (depending on your printer capabilities)
  • Watermark will not appear on the PDF(s) you purchase
  • Designs are for personal coloring use only, please

BONUS: This 2-page PDF includes a black line design as well as a lighter grey line version which can be helpful if you like to work with watercolors, or simply want more emphasis on your shapes and colors instead of the traditional dark black lines. The choice is yours!

This illustration was created especially for people who are enthusiastic about coloring, so grab your favorite colored pencils, markers, gel pens and/or watercolor pencils and paints! You’ll be able to instantly download (and save) this design as watermark-free, 8.5 x 11" (letter-sized) PDF, and then print on the paper of your choice with your home printer. Because this is vector art, it can be enlarged if your printer is able to handle bigger sheets of paper. You may print extra copies to play around with different color palettes or experiment with different paper types - in fact, it it encouraged! Feel free to visit the Ruby Charm Colors blog for coloring tips, techniques and art supply reviews.

Please note: No printed material will be physically shipped to you—this is a digital file that you download, save to your computer (or tablet) and print at home. As a buyer it is your responsibility to know how to download and save a PDF to your device, open it, and use your printer settings to print these illustrations. Fortunately, instructions for printing PDFs can be found online for most printers. The “Ruby Charm” watermark will not appear in your PDF, however a copyright and signature appears at the bottom of the illustration to help protect the artist's work. Refunds can not be offered on digital downloads unless there is a compelling reason. Please contact the artist right away if you have an issue!


IMPORTANT LEGALESE ….. Please respect the time and effort that went into creating these illustrations (all of the art is copyrighted) and do not share or sell the PDF file and do not sell printed copies, or use the image commercially. This coloring page is for your PERSONAL USE AND ENJOYMENT. Selling any and all items using this image is prohibited. You are not permitted to send the files to other people or sell/trade/give them away. Please do not post this image online without your coloring it first. If you want to share your colored creation online, PLEASE DO! But please credit #RubyCharmColors (Susan Carlson) as the artist of the original illustration in addition to yourself as the colorist. The artist retains all copyright protections, rights, and privileges. Thank you for understanding and for supporting an independent artist!

©2017-2021 by Susan Carlson (Ruby Charm Colors). All rights reserved: this original artwork may NOT be used, copied, duplicated or sold, in whole or in part, without the EXPRESS WRITTEN CONSENT and permission of Susan Carlson. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A COMMERCIAL USE LICENSE FOR PUBLICATION OR ANOTHER USE, PLEASE CONTACT THE ARTIST DIRECTLY FOR CONSIDERATION. Thank you.